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I couldn't believe it happened to me...

I always thought I’d be a traditional accountant. Crunching numbers and analyzing accounting options, the works. Turns out after working in accounting for 20 years, it wasn’t my passion. I was great at what I did, but I was way more interested in systems and operations. I was more interested in how to make a well-oiled machine work even better. I automatized, systemized, and optimized my way to the top. In fact, I did my job so well, some employers decided they no longer required a warm body to handle systems and operations because they were handling themselves. Definitely a bittersweet moment. What’s a girl to do then? You’re looking at it! This is how Agile Planners came to be.

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Let me guide you toward Your Success

Through my 20+ years of experience in systems and operations I am here to tell you one thing -- well, not just one thing but keep reading -- never fear the tools available to you. I want you to work on your business, not in your business.

  • Not a techy? You are lying to yourself. Think back to when you first unboxed that new smartphone. Now, you can’t live without it.

  • Technology can seem overwhelming! With the right systems and processes in place, we can help you create the perfect plan for your business.

  • Is there an easier way? Every day there are new applications that speak to each other in order to help you automate your day to day tasks.


What My Wonderful Clients Say

  • "We loved working with Monica! She was detail-oriented, responsive, and highly knowledgeable. She helped us find ways to work around obstacles that seemed like limitations. She trained us with the new system, and we couldn't believe all of the amazing things this version of QB could do for us! Her guidance and expertise were instrumental in improving our bookkeeping processes. I would certainly recommend Monica's services!

  • "Monica is an absolute wiz at Quickbooks. She was recommended to me as someone who could take the pain out of using and managing Quickbooks and boy were they right. She was easy to schedule with and held a consultation with me. Monica then identified what my main problem was and presented me with a plan to fix it. She handled everything remotely as well so I didn't even have to be there. She was also able to find and easy work around to an annoying problem with my online banking limitation. She was so good I made an agreement to use her services regularly to keep my Quickbooks 'accountant ready'. And the best thing of all is she was incredibly reasonable in her fees. I recommend Monica for anyone who wants to implement Quickbooks with ease regardless of the challenge."

  • "Hey Monica, thanks again for the great QuickBooks training, I got my first client today! You rock!"

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